EARSHOT Returns!

April 28, 2014

I recently got a chance to preview the new EARSHOT single “Now That It’s Over” (out MAY 7th) from their upcoming Mini-LP, “Aftermath“. It’s been a while since we heard anything from the Earshot crew so I didn’t know what to expect but judging from this track, chances are the album will meet and exceed expectations.
The track definitely has the Earshot charm, solid melody, raw guitars yet smooth to digest overall, it keeps your attention all the way through and there’s no moments of craziness or awkward transitions. All the elements that made their 2004 album”Two” such an awesome album are all there and executed perfectly.
I got a chance to talk to singer Wil Martin about the rebirth of Earshot and the new track:
How do you feel getting Earshot back together again and releasing new music? How do you think you and the other ba nd members have evolved during the time off, too?
Well, let me first preface the answer to the 1st half of your question with a little back story. In 2005, when we learned that we wouldn’t be making any more records for Warner Brothers, we were disheartened. We were discouraged. We’d worked very hard to write and record every song on each record (Letting Go and Two), and we worked even harder touring. We’d invested ourselves into the band with every ounce of our being. As it should be. But after being let go by WB, some in the band decided that doing music, in the same capacity that we had been for 4 years, wasn’t for them anymore, and either weren’t interested in continuing on, or wanted to move on to something different in life. So thats what spawned the sort of revolving door of band members the last 6 or 7 years. So to finally answer the first part of your question, im still in the process of putting Earshot back together in that regard. But because Ive always been the primary songwriter of the band, Ive been able to move on with writing and recording until it’s sorted out. Which brings me to the second part of your question about how i feel about releasing new music. Im excited! I dont want to go on too much about how “awesome” and “on point” some have said about it that have gotten an early preview of the first single (“Now That It’s Over”) think it is. Maybe they’re just happy to hear good, meaningful rock music that they can relate to again. From what I understand, there’s not too much of that going around these days.
Judging by the overall lyrical content of your career, one might conclude that the life of Wil Martin is filled with pain and loneliness. While everyone can relate to that, what kind of places do you go or emotions you evoke when songwriting?
Ha! In all honesty, Id probably think the same thing. Haha! I dont know that my life is any more filled with pain and loneliness than the next persons. Maybe it is, maybe it isnt. I have my moments just like anyone else. I’ve always had a fascination with human behavior, especially when it comes to emotions. I think because from time to time I struggle with it, writing is my way of trying to figure it out and understand it.
How would you describe the new single, and what kind of story does it tell?
“Now That It’s Over” is dramatic. Moody. It’s got intensity, and a sense of urgency. Lyrically, its a song about the emotional struggle of moving forward from a negative situation when it all finally comes to an end. The verse’s describe a lot of reflective inner dialogue, thoughts, and feelings that commonly happen in the midst of going through it. But ultimately, the core message of the song is the positive realization: “Now that its over, I am one again. I can start again.”
Name your Post-zombie-apocalypse top 5 Rock albums?
in NO particular order:

Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon
Soundgarden – Superunknown
What’s your favorite book?
The Power of Now – by Eckhart Tolle. Its like a timeless and epic song, but in book form.


Originally posted @ http://ampkicker.com/2014/04/earshot-interview-review-now-that-its-over-aftermath/

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