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UNINVITED (single)

Alanis Morissette's Grammy Award-winning hit reimagined receiving the full EARSHOT treatment accentuating the quiet ambience and the bombast, with a healthy dose of heaviness.


Produced by Wil Martin and Aaron Fink and mixed by Grammy Award nominee Jesse Ray Ernster (KANYE WEST, ANDY GRAMMER, UMI). Mastered by Rob Brill (PAUL MCCARTNEY, SHINEDOWN, DOKKEN) and engineered by Lizzy Ostro at The Lair Studio in Los Angeles, CA. and Jim "Pinky" Beeman (CHEAP TRICK) at Big 3 Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.

AFTERMATH (Deluxe Edition)

After a long hiatus, Earshot returns with their 4th studio recording - a potent 5 song Mini-LP: 'AFTERMATH'. Standout tracks "Now That It's Over" and "Let Me" highlight what has become the band's signature, often times controversial, sound and sonic familiarity that is instantly recognizable; powerful, emotional, and anthemic. "Remember" and "Yesterday" represent a lauded delve into the more musical / stylistic and experimental side of the band, while the stripped down re-recorded acoustic performance of "Fall Apart" beautifully depicts a tale of emotional salvation. The DELUXE EDITION, available ONLY through the official EARSHOT website, also includes a previously unreleased BONUS TRACK 'How Many More Ways'. Laden with heavy guitars, bombastic drum beats, and powerfully relatable lyrics and vocal melodies, each song contained on the 'AFTERMATH' Mini-LP raises the bar by delivering a depth and quality of hard rock that's long been missing. 


Produced by Wil Martin Mixed by Sam Hughes

*Standard Edition Only

*Android and Microsoft Phone users can purchase and download by clicking the Buy Album $6.99 link located above the album cover.


Looking beyond the status quo of the modern rock music of today, Earshot's third studio album, aptly titled "The Silver Lining", marks the start of what some believe is sure to be the beginning of a new and changing modern rock world of tomorrow. No doubt, that in the 48 minutes of listening to the bevy of infectiously memorable tracks, one can only describe this 11 song collection as a very cleverly crafted, re-defined and re-designed approach to their genre with a plethora of sonically raw and defining moments. Tracks such as "MisSunderstood", "Closer", "Pushing To Shove", "Wasted", "Don't Hate Me" and "Sometimes" are sure to please the Earshot faithful, and will undoubtedly serve to quickly convert new fans by songs with a penchant for massive hooks and loud guitars.


Produced by Brian Garcia and Wil Martin Mixed by Mike Watts

Featuring a throng of howling choruses and crashing chords, Earshot’s sophomore album, “Two”, encapsulates emotional wear-and-tear with a wide variety of personal struggles and heavy looks into relationships. Including the breakthrough hit "Wait," which was featured on  Madden NFL 2005 and the MX vs. ATV Unleashed video game soundtracks, “Two” is full of intensely potent songs riddled with stories of betrayal, heartbreak, depression and even triumph and power.


Produced by Johnny K. Mixed by Rich Costey.


With a rise-above perspective, Earshot’s 2002 debut album, 'Letting Go' features 11 “contemplative and cathartic” tracks with a “vibe that affects a mix of Deftones-like aggression with the emotional outlay of Tool.” Alive with heavy guitar hooks, melodic vocals and monster choruses, 'Letting Go' features the bands anthemic debut hit single "Get Away". With tracks like "Headstrong", (which was featured in the motion picture soundtrack Queen of the Damned), "Not Afraid", and "Ordinary Girl", 'Letting Go' establishes Earshot as a band with the ability to experiment with their rock and metal roots while maintaining the power necessary for success.


Produced by David Kahne Mixed by Andy Wallace.

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